Private Dining

We are unique in Pershore in having two purpose-built private dining rooms, perfect for parties, meetings and special occasions, with our usual high-quality service and locally sourced food.

Cider Room:
Meal – £20
Half day –
Full day – £50

Gin Room:
Meal – £40
Half day – £35
Full day – £60

Projector/Screen Hire:

The Gin Room

The Gin Room is a captivating space dedicated to celebrating the history and flavours of gin. With a nostalgic ambience, it accommodates larger parties and gatherings of up to 18 people, fostering a convivial atmosphere. The Gin Room also provides a carefully curated menu for your celebration. It is a sanctuary for gin enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable blend of history, and artistry.

The Cider Room

The Cider Room is an enchanting and exclusive space within The Angel that celebrates the local delicacy of cider. Watch the sunset over an apple orchard, offering a serene and rustic ambience for up to 10 people. The menu highlights local flavours and produce. The cosy atmosphere fosters a sense of togetherness, whether it’s a romantic dinner or a gathering with loved ones. The Cider Room is a hidden gem, providing a tranquil retreat where you can unwind, savour exceptional cuisine, and create cherished memories.