Our Farm

How many restaurants and hotels do you know that have their own farm?

Food always tastes better when you've grown it yourself and you know that no nasties have gone into it. That's why we set up St. Catherine's Farm, to make sure our commitment to locally sourced food was real and driven by us.

St. Catherine’s Farm lies 4 miles from The Angel, set in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Our farm provides us with all the pork, lamb, turkey, duck, chicken and eggs that we need, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Our farm is home to our flock of Suffolk and Dorset sheep and our little family of British Lop Pigs. It means that we can ensure our animals have the highest standards of welfare and that our produce has been grown organically.

British Lop Pig. St Catherine's FarmRescue donkey at St Catherine's Farm

Our farm in Worcestershire is dedicated to preserving the British Lop, one of the rarest and most cherished native pig breeds in the United Kingdom. With only a few boars left, we are one of the last havens for these magnificent creatures. Known for their docile nature and hardiness, the British Lop stands out with its distinctive long body and large drooping ears. Not only do they have an endearing appearance, but their meat also boasts exceptional quality in texture and flavour. Unfortunately, the breed suffered a decline in the 1950s due to the preference for faster-growing hybrid breeds. However, our farm remains committed to safeguarding this extraordinary breed.

In addition to British Lop pigs, our farm provides a sanctuary for rescue donkeys. These gentle animals find solace and happiness in the open air and idyllic countryside. They form a close-knit group and freely roam our expansive paddocks, enjoying the freedom and tranquillity our farm offers. Occasionally, these playful donkeys interact with our resident sheep, bringing joy and laughter to our farm.

You can find out more at the British Lop Pig Society website.

At St Catherine's Farm, we view ourselves not just as farmers but as stewards of the land and its inhabitants. Our dedication to preserving the British Lop breed and offering a safe haven for rescue donkeys reflects our commitment to biodiversity, animal welfare, and the beauty of our natural heritage. Our farm stands as a testament to the importance of preserving our heritage amidst the threats of rapid industrialisation and commercialisation. We strive to create a sustainable future where British Lop pigs and rescue donkeys can thrive, reminding us of the profound connection between humans, animals, and the land we cherish.