our farm

How many restaurants and hotels do you know that have their own farm?

Food just plain tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself and you know that no nasties have gone in to it. That’s why we set up St. Catherine’s Farm, to make sure our commitment to locally sourced food was real and driven by us.

St. Catherine’s Farm lies 4 miles from The Angel, set in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Our Farm provides us with all the pork, lamb, turkey, duck, chicken and eggs that we need, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Our farm is home to our flock of Suffolk and Dorset sheep and our little family of Gloucester Old Spots. It means that we can ensure our animals have the highest standards of welfare and that our produce has been grown organically.

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Our paddocks also play host to a small drove of rescue donkeys, who are delighted to be living in the open air and countryside of Worcestershire. They’re a close knit group, never too far from each other.

They also enjoy playing up the sheep every now and then!