Pedigree British Lop Pigs for sale

Our farm, St Catherine’s Farm, is located just four miles away from our hotel in the Worcestershire countryside.  We have a small herd of very rare pedigree British Lop pigs.  We work to achieve two things with our pigs, firstly to help preserve three of the rarest blood lines from the British Lop breed and secondly to produce delicious outdoor reared, slow grown pork for our two restaurants.

British Lop pigs, a hardy breed originally from the nearby West Country, are the rarest of the rare breed native British pigs. They are a friendly docile breed which make great mothers with large litters (farrows) and are perfect for outdoor traditional rearing.  We are one of the last remaining breeders with less than 500 pedigree breeding stock remaining in existence.  

We sell the best breed standard pigs from each litter to other breeders and pig keepers for pedigree breeding stock – playing our part in sustainably conserving this great breed.  We also sell young pigs to people who wish to raise their own British Lop pigs for home grown delicious pork.

Current British Lop pigs for sale:

  • Pedigree registered and unregistered British Lop weaners (from 8 weeks old)
  • Pedigree Registered British Lop gilts (from 6 months old)
  • Pedigree Registered British Lop boars (from 6 months old)

If you would like to purchase British Lop pigs to contribute to the survival of this traditional native British breed, then please get in touch. As a member of the British Lop Pig Society, we are committed to the welfare of our animals and to the preservation of this fantastic breed.